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Spring Wreath of Eggs

I made this wreath to showcase the beautiful eggs our chickens and turkeys were producing on our little farm.  The pussy willows and zinnias were from my garden.  I gathered the moss from the woods near our home.  I'm a firm believer in gathering and green crafting with what you can source locally.  Easter is all the more special when you design your own decorations.

MATERIALS:  Moss wreath (I covered a straw wreath with moss, hot glued down), Eggs of various natural colors and sizes.  Silk and dried flowers, pussy willow, ribbon, a rabbit (choose painted, stuffed, many to choose from), and if you have them, curly wood shavings (ask a wood worker).

Place the ribbon in a random pattern around the wreath and glue down.

Firmly hot glue your rabbit in and place the eggs around the wreath.  Although this picture shows a bow, I decided to remove it later.

Add your dried and silk flowers.  I also used a birds nest that we found in a bush made from our own horse's hair!  Enjoy the process of designing your wreath, no two wreaths will ever be exactly alike.  

Easter is a time to be thankful and rejoice for the gift of life~!

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