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DIY Fresh Wedding Bouquet Tutorial - make your own bouquet from gathered flowers for only $2!!!

If you grow or just gather (from a friend) your own flowers you really can make spectacular bouquets like this for $2 or less!  I've done entire wedding parties for $50!  

These bouquet techniques work with both fresh and silk flowers.  If you shop the sales you can make this same bouquet very inexpensively with silk flowers.

MATERIALS:   Hydrangea, roses, lavender (or salvia or some other spikey flower), small daisies or feverfew, Ageratum (small purple flower) or purple mums.  Florists tape


All materials are interchangeable with other types of flowers but the hydrangea helps define the shape of the bouquet so you may wish to use them or something very similar in shape.

Start your bouquet by taping together the hydrangea pieces.  Tape as many stems together as you need to to make the size you want.  

The finished hydrangea shape should look like this.  I used 4 stems for this bouquet but the amount of hydrangea needed will depend on the size of the flowers.

Remove excess leaves and any thorns from the roses and any other flowers you are using.  Not removing excess leaves will make the finished bouquet too bulky.

Start adding the roses and the spikey flowers and tape as you go around the outside of the bouquet.  

When adding flowers to the middle of the bouqet, gently work them into it.  After you have placed a few, retape the the bouquet end.

This is the view from the top. You can see how the placements work in the bouquet. Work your way around the bouquet and make sure your flowers look somewhat symmetrical. 

Keep working on adding the interior flowers to the bouquet, be careful not to compress the hydrangea.

Keep taping with every three flower stems added to keep it from falling apart as you are working on it.

This bouquet is very simple and easy to do.  Remember that you can use this techniques and pattern to design with any kind of flowers you want!  If you don't have hydrangea, Babies Breath makes a great round shape as well.  Flower shops charge hundreds of dollars for bouquets

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