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Grapevine Wreaths - A Design Tutorial

DIY designer quality wreath for more than 80% off flower shop prices

 DIY $250 designer wreath for $35

Shop the Sales and gather in the forest for a professional look

Simple Grapevine: Cost $5 to $10


Purchase a premade silk flower wreath OR individual silks and attach to grapevine

Cost: $10-$20

look for super sales at the end of each season


Gather forest and natural materials to add a realistic  look

Randomly place (and hot glue) the woodland collection.

Foraged materials cost:  $O



Weave the sticks in a natural pattern throughout


The secret to a designer look is to mix materials, never use "just" silk or "just" dried, your materials need to be combined


You can transform a inexpensive, big box store type wreath, that looks cheap, into an artistic masterpiece by simply adding a variety of dried materials to it.

 You can easily make a business out designing without having to go to a wholesaler for supplies if you shop the sales right. I did it for years and made money out of my home studio.

Hobby Lobby, Michaels and other big craft stores routinely have after season sales of up to 80% off on silks.


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