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Put your needle felted, soft seagull on a pretty painted rock and add shells collected from your vacation.  Felted pieces look beautiful when they are displayed well and have added textures behind them.

Needle Felted Seagull

Materials:   White wool, small bits of gray, black and yellow wool and a bead or seed for an eye.

A smooth rock, blue and white paint and some shells and sand.  White or hot glue.

To make the wing, shape and oval and felt down into a wing shape.  Add some gray and black to shade.

The body is about twice as thick as a pencil, elongated and tapered at each end.


Add a tail in a triangle shape.

Add the wing (he only needs one) and felt down firmly.

Paint your rock and then use white glue to anchor the sand and tiny shells.  

I used hot glue to glue the seagull onto the rock.  Glue in the eye and add the beak.


I put a very strong magnet on the back of this rock to make it a magnet for the refrigerator.  

This makes a great vacation keepsake!

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