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Woodland Crafting

     Pine Cone Angels


Forest folk, Woodland fairies and Pinecone people are all very popular right now.  There is nothing more fun than going out into the woods and gathering materials to make into these little sprites.  I turn all of mine into ornaments and either sell them or give them away.  If you decide to sell them you can make quite a bit of profit off them as they cost almost nothing to make!


Think creatively when it comes to materials on these angels!  I used woodshop shavings for her hair and bay leaves for wings but you can also use whatever you have handy in your particular forest or woodland.


Materials: Pine cones, Acorn caps, cinnamon sticks, wood shavings, wool (for hair), wooden ball (for head) pressed dried flowers and leaves of various types, milkweed pods, shells and a fine marking pen.


This is a very open-ended type project!  Use what you can find and have on hand.  



You will need to glue the head to the body first.  Hot glue is your best bet.   Next, glue the arms to the body and then add a collar of moss or other material to help cover the glue marks.  

Next comes the fun little fiddly bits that make her cute.  Add your hair of choice, a few flowers for finery and draw a simple face.  If you are going to make her into an ornament, glue a simple piece of twine to her back and then glue the wings on top of that.

These little angels work well if you live near a beach.  Use your creativity and imagination!

Lazy, sweet Maple the kitty was napping as I was collecting, I just had to include her cute self on this page as she always wanted to follow me during my woodland outings in our backyard.

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