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Needle Felted Sheep

Small Heading

Will  EWE felt with me?

A tutorial for Needle fetling a sheep out of sheep

Crafting each day keeps the crazy away


Materials:  White wool, curly wool, Pipe cleaners (2) black wool, a smidgen of pink wool.

Start by making a pipe-cleaner armature.  Twist two pipe cleaners approx. 6" each.  Make the Twist about 2 1/2 inches long in the middle.


Begin by wrapping the white/natural wool around the middle of the body. Take care when felting to be careful not to poke the pipe cleaners and break the needle. Felt until firm.

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After the body has sufficient fatness, tear small pieces of black wool for the hooves.


Wrap the legs tightly and felt gently so you don't break the needles.  


Wrap the hooves with black and felt down.


Continue to make a barrel shape for the sheep's middle, make the legs thick enough to match the size of the sheep.


Next, add the a ball of wool for the neck and felt into place.



For the ears, make a small, flat oval shape with a tiny pinch of pink wool inside.


The head is an elongated oval shape.  Working from pictures of sheep, shape the head.  Make sure you get the muzzle right.  It can turn from looking like a sheep to a dog pretty quickly!

You can use glass beads (realistic looking) or wool (soft look) for the eyes.  Roll a small ball of black wool between your fingers until it's the right size then felt onto the head.  Position the eyes correctly and make sure they don't stick up out of the head or your sheep will look like it has a bad thyroid condition.


Twist a small black piece of wool into a very thin line. Felt this on for the nose and mouth.


Now attach the head to the neck.  This takes patience.  Don't squish the ears and facial features while you're doing it.


Add a bit more thickness to the neck. This also makes it more stable.  Felt tightly.


You can buy curly wool locks that are natural, right off the sheep.  It is washed but not carded.


Choose your desired length of wool and felt to the body. Check out sheep breeds online to see the various ways curly wool looks on the sheep.


Cuddly, soft and cute! This would make a great Christmas ornament or a nice stand-alone sculpture.  I like to put them on small pieces of tree rounds with moss for a realistic look.

You can change up the colors of the faces and the coats as long as you have the basic shape of the sheep down.

So much wool, so little time. 

Needle felting for beginners is a step by step, pictorial guide to sculpting with wool that will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to get started felting quickly. Along with our clear tutorials for each of the 7 projects, this book teaches you all the basics on wool, needles and supplies.

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